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Staffing Committee

Purpose of committee

Statement of Purpose


1          The Staffing Committee is a key component of Cheshire East’s corporate governance.  It provides an independent and high level focus on the Human Resources, Organisational Development and Health & Safety matters affecting Council.


2          The purpose of the Staffing Committee is to provide independent assurance to the members of the adequacy of the HR service and staffing related matters.


Functions of the Committee


Recruitment and Selection


3          To undertake the recruitment and selection for the appointment of all members of the Corporate Leadership Board and formulating recommendations to the Council regarding the appointment and dismissal of the Head of Paid Service, Monitoring Officer and Chief Finance Officer.


4          To approve the designation of an officer to act as Monitoring Officer and Chief Finance Officer, in accordance with legislation and the appropriate procedures set out in the Staff Employment Procedure Rules.


HR Policies


5          To have the opportunity to review the Council’s HR Policies and Procedures as required and to make recommendations to the Portfolio Holder.  It is noted that the authority to approve HR Policies remains with the Executive




6          For a Staffing Appeals Sub Committee to consider appeals from Staff in the following circumstances:


·        Appeals against dismissal

·        Appeals against grievance

·        Appeals against policy (but only the first appeal where the appeals are based on the same issues/circumstances)

·        Group appeals covering more than one Department

·        Appeals which have initially been heard by the Chief Executive, e.g. appeals raised by members of the Senior Management Team

·        Exceptionally where both sides agree referral to Members is appropriate

Corporate Leadership Board Appraisal Board


7          To establish and oversee an Appraisal Board for all members of the Corporate Leadership Board.


HR Performance


8          To receive HR and Health & Safety performance measures, as detailed below, on a quarterly basis in order to assess the effectiveness of current HR and Health & Safety arrangements.


·        Headcount Data

·        Sickness Absence

·        Turnover

·        HR Casework (including disciplinary, grievance and capability)

·        Health and Safety Accidents Records

·        Health and Safety Training



Contact information

Support officer: Rachel Graves. Democratic Services Officer

Postal address:
Middlewich Road
CW11 1HZ

Phone: 01270 686473