Committee details

Staffing Committee

Purpose of committee

The Committee is responsible for :

1.      Undertaking the selection process for the appointment, and formulating recommendations to the Council in relation to:

·        the appointment and dismissal of the Head of the Paid Service;

·        the designation of an officer to act as Monitoring Officer and Chief Finance Officer;

·        the appointment/dismissal of Monitoring Officer and  Chief Finance Officer;

in accordance with legislation and the appropriate procedures set out in the Staff Employment Procedure Rules;

2.      undertaking the selection, appointment and dismissal processes for any staff where so required by law;  (It should be noted that the Chief Executive has powers to appoint all other staff)

3.  hearing and determining any appeals by staff under the Council’s approved personnel policies and procedures including through any appointed Sub-Committee;

4.      hearing and dealing with disputes registered with the Council by recognised Trade Unions.


Contact information

Support officer: Rachel Graves. Democratic Services Officer

Postal address:
Middlewich Road
CW11 1HZ

Phone: 01270 686473