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11/1643N - Outline Application for the Erection of 650 Dwellings, a Public House, a Local Shop and Associated Infrastructure and Open Space Provision Together with the Demolition of the Former Cross Keys Public House, Land at Coppenhall East, Remer Street, Crewe for Taylor Wimpey UK Limited

To consider the above application.


(NB – During consideration of this application the meeting was adjourned for a short period due to a member of the public being unwell).



Consideration was given to the above application.


(Councillor P Martin, the Ward Councillor; Councillor D Newton, the Ward Councillor; Councillor D Flude, a Neighbouring Ward Councillor; Mr Poste, an objector; Mr Schumm, an objector; Ms Gordon-Preston, an objector; Mr Smith, the agent for the applicant attended the meeting and spoke in respect of the application).




That the application be approved subject to completion of Section 106 legal agreement securing:


1. Provision of 35% of the total units as affordable housing in

perpetuity, with the mix on Phase 1 being 10% 1 beds, 60% 2 beds

and 30% 3 beds, with 40% of these being flats and 60% being houses.

The tenure split of the units on all phases to be 65% social rent and

35% intermediate tenure. The mix of house types for phase 2 and

subsequent phases to be agreed as part of subsequent reserved

matters applications. Social Rented and Shared Ownership dwellings

to be transferred to a Registered Provider.

2. Provision of education contribution of £161,752.

3. Provision of highways contribution of £1,183,426 towards Remer

Street/ Middlewich Street, Sydney Road Bridge Widening, Crewe

Green Roundabout and public transport improvements.

4. Travel Plan contribution of £5000

5. Provision for public open space to serve the whole of the

development to be agreed with the Council when details of layout are

submitted for approval. This must secure the provision and future

management of children’s play areas and amenity greenspace.

Submitted details must include the location, grading, drainage,

layout, landscape, fencing, seeding and planting of the proposed

public open space, transfer to and future maintenance by a private

management company.

And the following conditions

1. Standard Outline

2. Submission of reserved matters

3. Plans

4. Air Quality assessment updates to be submitted with each reserved


5. Submission, approval and implementation of Construction

Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)

6. Submission, approval and implementation of Travel Plan

7. Submission, approval and implementation of contaminated land

preliminary risk assessment (PRA)

8. Submission, approval and implementation of contaminated land site

investigation (SI)

9. Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 assessment with reserved matters

10. Provision of 10% renewable energy on site unless it can be

demonstrated by the applicant, having regard to the type of

development involved and its design, that this is not feasible or viable..

11. Provision of detailed scheme of drainage

12. Reserved matters to make provision for allotment site (30 plots) within

the development.

13. Breeding bird survey to be carried out prior to commencement of any

works during nesting season

14. Provision of replacement hedgerows

15. Provision of detailed design and layout of the GCN mitigation area

16. retention of visually important trees

17. A scheme for the provision and implementation of a surface water

regulation system

18. Management of overland flow

19. Provision and management of habitat creation

20. No discharge to Fowle Brook unless further information is provided to

prove that the SSSI will not be adversely affected

21. Retention of important hedges

22. Notwithstanding detail shown – no approval of indicative residential


23. Landscape design principles to be incorporated into final layout

24. Submission of landscape and ecological management plan

25. Submission of Arboricultural Impact Assessment

26. Submission of Arboricultural Method Statement

27. Submission of Comprehensive tree protection measures

28. A scheme for the provision and management of compensatory habitat


29. Each reserved matters application for commercial activities to be

accompanied by a noise impact assessment

30. Submission of Noise Mitigation Measures with each reserved matters


31. Submission of details of detailed lighting plan with each reserved

matters application.

32. Submission of details of bin storage with each reserved matters


33. Submission of details of phasing / triggers for construction of access

and highway improvements. Works to be carried out in accordance with

the approved details.

Supporting documents: