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Standards Committee

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Information about Standards Committee

The Committee will be responsible for

  • By itself or by sub-committee, to discharge the Council’s functions under Part III of the Local Government Act 2000, including:
    • Assessment of new complaints (discharge of any functions under S57A of the Act).
    •  Reviewing decisions to take no action over a complaint (S57B of the Act)
    • Consider final investigation reports and conduct determination hearings.
  • considering and granting, or otherwise, dispensations in respect of Members’ Interests when so enabled under Part III of the Local Government Act 2000;
  • promoting high standards of ethical behaviour by developing, maintaining and monitoring codes of Conduct for Members of the Council (including Co-opted Members and other persons acting in a similar capacity) and for employees in accordance with best practice and Government guidance;
  • advising the Council on the adoption or revision of the Codes of Conduct for Members and Officers;
  • ensuring that Members receive advice and training as appropriate on the Members’ Code of Conduct;
  • issuing advice to Members on the treatment of personal interests and on conduct matters generally;
  • ensuring that the Council maintains appropriate links with the Standards Board for England and the Commission for Local Administration in England (Ombudsman);
  • referring issues, which impinge on staff conduct, performance, terms of employment, training and development to the appropriate and responsible Executive Member and/or Manager;
  • promoting high standards of responsiveness by the Council to its clients and contacts

(a) advising other persons/bodies on probity and ethics as appropriate, particularly where that person or body is exercising functions on behalf of the Council;

(b) supporting the Council's statutory officers as appropriate or their authorised deputies, in the performance of their duties;

  • the local determination of complaints following any allegations of misconduct by Members;
  • the determination of applications for exemption in respect of politically restricted posts.