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Southern Planning Committee

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Information about Southern Planning Committee

1.   To exercise the Council’s functions relating to town & country planning &  devlopment control, the protection of important hedgerows, the preservation of trees and the regulation of high hedges, set out in the Local Authorities (Functions & Responsibilities)(England) Regulations 2000. Some applications have been reserved to the Strategic Planning Board: others are delegated on to the Head of Policy & Planning: the following are retained for the Planning Committees,


-     applications for Small Scale Major Development, defined from time to time by DCLG. Currently this includes

-         residential developments of 10-199 dwellings or between 0.5 and 4ha

-         retail or commercial/industrial or other floorspace of between 1,000 -9,999 square metres. or between  1ha – 2 ha.


2. To determine any other planning & development control matters


·        advertised as a departure from policy, which the Head of Planning & Policy is minded to approve.

·        submitted by a councillor, senior Council officer (tier 2 or above) or a member of staff employed within the Development Management and Policy service area; or by an immediate family member or partner of these.

·        involving the Council either as applicant or land owner. Unless the Head of Planning & Policy identifies some significant factor, this category will not normally include minor developments which accord with planning policy and to which no objection has been made.

·        referred up to them  by a councillor in accordance with the Committees` call-in procedure.

·        referred up to them at the discretion of the Head of Planning & Policy.


The Committees will refer up to the Strategic Planning Board matters involving a significant departure from policy which they are minded to approve