Issue - meetings

Declarations of Interest

Meeting: 11/04/2012 - Strategic Planning Board (Item 138)

Declarations of Interest

To provide an opportunity for Members and Officers to declare any personal and/or prejudicial interests and for Members to declare is they have pre-determination in respect of any item on the agenda


Councillor Bailey declared a personal interest in respect of planning application five (11/2818N) on the grounds that i) she was acquainted with the applicant and landowner; ii) as Heritage Champion for Cheshire East Council she had met with English Heritage on a number of occasions; and iii) she had attended meetings at Newall Parish Council where the application had been discussed but had not passed any opinion on the matter.       


Councillor Thorley made reference to a quotation attributed to him in the agenda papers (page 17 refers), stating that his comments had not been directed at the application submitted and that he had no declaration to make in respect of planning application five (11/2818N). 


Councillor Hough declared, in respect of planning application six (11/3414C) that he had received a telephone call from an objector but had not engaged in conversation with them about the application.    


Councillor Hammond declared a personal interest in respect of planning application seven (10/2647C) as the land owner was a former work colleague who had contacted him within the last year and he had received an email from the land owner’s daughter the day before the meeting which he had forwarded on to officers. 


Following comments from Councillor Walton, all the Committee Members present declared that they had received correspondence and email representations from residents in connection with the applications.