Issue - meetings

Declarations of Interest

Meeting: 08/02/2012 - Strategic Planning Board (Item 107)

Declarations of Interest

To provide an opportunity for Members and Officers to declare any personal and/or prejudicial interests and for Members to declare if they have a pre-determination in respect of any item on the agenda.


Councillor Rachel Bailey declared a personal interest in respect of application number 11/2818N on the following grounds:


  • that she knew both the applicant and landowner and they were neither a close friend nor acquaintance.


  • Combermere Abbey, which is a wedding venue, and the Council’s Registry Office both fall within her Portfolio


  • As the Council’s Heritage Champion, she had discussed the Abbey as a Cabinet Member, but had not promoted or advocated this enablement scheme in any way


  • As the Ward Member for the area she had heard the scheme discussed at Parish Council meetings and had directed interested parties to Council policy and the English Heritage website.  She had not formed or expressed a definite view, one way or the other


  • she was a governor at Sound School and if the application was approved, there was a recommendation for an education contribution to the school.


In accordance with the code of conduct, Councillor Bailey remained in the meeting during consideration of these items.


During the course of the debate Councillor Bailey also declared a personal interest in application number 11/2818N on the grounds that she was a member of the Burleydam Trustees and had been involved in the arrangements for a Jubilee Event to be held at Combermere Abbey.