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Lauren's Report!

Meeting: 16/11/2011 - Southern Planning Committee (Item 107)

107 Section 106 Agreement for Demolition of Existing Buildings and Erection of New Buildings and Redevelopment of Existing Link House to Provide 35 Apartments and Two Retail Units with Associated Infrastructure on land at 2 & 4 Heathfield Avenue and 29, 29A & 31 Hightown, Crewe pdf icon PDF 64 KB

To consider proposed alterations to the terms of the Section 106 Agreement for the above development.


Note: Councillor S McGrory left the meeting at this point in the proceedings and returned during the committee’s debate on the application but did not take part in the debate or vote.


The Committee considered a report and a written update regarding proposed amendments to the terms of the above Section 106 Agreement.


The above development was approved by the Southern Planning Committee in July 2009, subject to the signing of a Section 106 Agreement to provide 12 affordable units and a commuted sums payment in respect of public open space.  An amendment to the terms of the Section 106 agreement, to enable the provision of 14 affordable units, was approved by the Committee in June 2010.  The applicant was now seeking approval for further variations to the terms of the Section 106 Agreement in respect of the affordable housing.


RESOLVED – That the following amendments be made to the terms of the Section 106 agreement:


(a)  That the ‘cascade’ be amended to ensure that first priority is given to those in housing need who are resident in or who have connections to Crewe, followed by the whole of Cheshire East;


(b)  That Wulvern Housing be allowed to set ‘affordable’ rents up to 80% of the local market rental value.