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11/1484C Land Off Windsor Place, Congleton: Construction of 14 Dwellings, Widening of Windsor Place and Demolition of Group of Domestic Outbuildings/Garages for Allied Homes (Cheshire) Ltd

Meeting: 24/08/2011 - Southern Planning Committee (Item 60)

60 11/1484C Land off Windsor Place, Congleton: Construction of 12 dwellings, widening of Windsor Place and demolition of outbuildings/garages for Allied Homes (Cheshire Ltd) pdf icon PDF 572 KB

To consider the above planning application.


Note:  Councillor Kolker, having arrived after the commencement of the meeting, took no part in the discussion on this item nor voted thereon.     


Mrs A Beech (Objector) and Mr E Embrey (Applicant’s Representative) attended the meeting and addressed the Committee on this matter.  


The Committee considered a report regarding the above planning application. 


The Principal Planning Officer reported that a replacement report had been circulated to the Committee which replaced the original submitted with the agenda.   


RESOLVED: That a) delegated authority be granted to the Head of Planning and Housing to agree Public Open Space contributions; and 


b) the application be APPROVED subject to the prior completion of a Section 106 Agreement requiring the Public Open Space contribution agreed by the Head of Planning and Housing and the following conditions –


1          Commence development within 3 years

2          Development in accordance with agreed drawings

3          Submission of details/samples of external materials

4          All brickwork constructed with English garden wall bonding

5          Submission of details of chimney stacks and pots

6          All roof-lights to be set flush with the roof plane

7          Submission of full details of the finish to the dormers

8          Rainwater goods to be metal finished in black or another dark colour to be agreed with the Local Planning Authority

9          All fenestration to be set behind a reveal of 100mm over a shallow stone sill

10        All windows and doors fabricated in timber and painted or opaque stained

11        Full details of fenestration to be submitted for approval

12        Submission and implementation of detailed design and construction specification for the works to Windsor Place and the internal part of the site

13        Completion of the carriageway works to Windsor Place prior to first occupation of the dwellings

14        Measures for the protection of breeding birds

15        Submission of details for the incorporation of features for use by breeding birds

16        Submission of a scheme of landscaping of the site

17        Implementation of approved landscaping scheme

18        Submission and implementation of details of boundary treatments

19        Submission and implementation of a tree and hedge protection scheme

20        Submission of a detailed drainage scheme

21        Submission of a Phase 1 Land Contamination Survey

22        Limits on hours of construction

23        Limits on hours of piling    

24        No development shall take place until a Construction Method Statement is submitted to the Local Planning Authority