Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Work Programme ref: 252806/09/202115/09/2021Call-in expired
Update on the Safer Cheshire East Partnership (SCEP) and a thematic review of fire safety in the home. ref: 252706/09/202115/09/2021Call-in expired
Update on Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care System. ref: 252606/09/202115/09/2021Call-in expired
Update on Oral Surgery and Orthodontic Service Model Development for Cheshire East ref: 252406/09/202115/09/2021Call-in expired
Feedback on 2020/21 Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Quality Accounts ref: 252506/09/202115/09/2021Call-in expired
Infrastructure & Highways Department - Mid-year Performance Review ref: 252316/11/202127/11/2021Call-in expired
Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) - Implementation Report ref: 252216/11/202126/11/2021Call-in expired
Minutes of Sub-Committees ref: 252116/11/202116/11/2021Not for call-in
Work Programme ref: 252016/11/202127/11/2021Call-in expired
Cheshire East Day Opportunities Strategy ref: 251716/11/202127/11/2021Call-in expired
Cheshire East Joint Market Position Statement ref: 251516/11/202127/11/2021Call-in expired
All-Age Sensory Impairment Strategy ref: 251816/11/202127/11/2021Call-in expired
Adult Social Care Winter Plan 2021-22 ref: 251916/11/202127/11/2021Call-in expired
Cheshire East Place Dementia Strategy ref: 251616/11/202127/11/2021Call-in expired
Recommissioning of the Assistive Technology Service ref: 251416/11/202127/11/2021Call-in expired
Cheshire East Local Account for Adult Social Care 2020-21 ref: 251316/11/202127/11/2021Call-in expired
Closure of Mill Lane Level Crossing, Barthomley ref: 251116/11/202126/11/2021Call-in expired
Parking Services Enforcement Policy ref: 250916/11/202126/11/2021Call-in expired
HS2 Programme-Update ref: 251016/11/202126/11/2021Call-in expired
Highways and Transport 2022-23 Programme Preparation ref: 250816/11/202126/11/2021Call-in expired
Speed Management Strategy ref: 250716/11/202126/11/2021Call-in expired