Decisions published

11/01/2019 - Alsager Neighbourhood Area Modification ref: 2214    Recommendations Approved

A new neighbourhood area application has been received from Alsager Town Council. The application seeks to expand the existing neighbourhood area to include an area of land within the parish of Barthomley. The area of land concerned is the subject of a series of strategic allocations (or part of) in the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy (LPS 23 Radway Green Brownfield, LPS24 Radway Green Extension Site and LPS25 Radway Green North).


The extension of the neighbourhood area here would allow the Alsager Neighbourhood Plan to apply across the full extent of future planned growth adjoining Alsager and enhance the ability of the Alsager Neighbourhood Plan to shape sustainable development in this location.

Decision maker: Portfolio Holder for Housing, Planning and Regeneration

Decision published: 11/01/2019

Effective from: 19/01/2019


That the designation of the Alsager Neighbourhood Area be approved.

Wards affected: Alsager;

Lead officer: Tom Evans

07/01/2019 - Cranage Farms Estate - Disposal ref: 2213    Recommendations Approved

Following the review of the estates target structure, it was concluded that the farmhouse and buildings of Mill Lane Farm, Cranage would not be required for the provision of opportunities to farm. On the 17th August 2016 the sale of the farmhouse, buildings and an area of land shown edged red on plan A on the open market upon terms to be determined and approved by the Assets Property Manager was approved.  Following a period of marketing approval is sought to vary the approved decision, to amend the boundary of the property to be sold from that shown in Plan A to that shown in Plan B.

Decision maker: Portfolio Holder for Housing, Planning and Regeneration

Decision published: 07/01/2019

Effective from: 15/01/2019


That approval given to amend the decision of the 17th August 2017 concerning the area to be sold to authorise the sale of land to that shown edged red in Plan B.


Wards affected: Dane Valley;

Lead officer: David Job