Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
CE 19/20-29 Revenues and Benefits Printing and Postal Service15/11/2019For Determination14/01/2020
CE 19/20-28 Congleton Household Waste Recycling Centre24/10/2019For Determination04/02/2020
CE 19/20-27 Selective Licensing18/10/2019For Determination03/12/2019
CE 19/20-26 Best4Business Update18/10/2019For Determination03/12/2019
CE 19/20-25 Cheshire East Carbon Reduction Action Plan17/10/2019For Determination07/04/2020
CE 19/20-24 Municipal Waste Management Strategy 5 Year Review17/10/2019For Determination10/03/2020
CE 19/20-23 Crewe Hub Station - Project Development Output, Strategic Outline Business Case and Evidence Base25/09/2019For Determination04/02/2020
CE 19/20-21 Site Allocations and Development Policies Document17/09/2019For Determination20/02/2020
CE 19/20-20 Highway and Infrastructure Schemes up to £5M in Value13/09/2019For Determination14/01/2020
CE 19/20-19 Supplementary Planning Document - Brooks Lane (Middlewich) Development Framework (Masterplan)13/09/2019For DeterminationNot before 20/11/2019
CE 19/20-18 Review of Council Tax Support Scheme for 2020/2130/08/2019For Determination19/12/2019
CE 19/20-17 Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure16/08/2019For Determination14/01/2020
CE 19/20-6 Care4CE26/06/2019For Determination03/12/2019
CE 18/19-69 Acquisition of the Willows, Macclesfield21/05/2019For DeterminationNot before 19/06/2019
CE 18/19-68 Medium Term Financial Strategy 2020-2421/05/2019For Determination20/02/2020
CE 18/19-66 SMDA Infrastructure and Funding Agreement14/05/2019For DeterminationNot before 12/06/2019
CE 18/19-65 SMDA Infrastructure Procurement Strategy14/05/2019For DeterminationNot before 12/06/2019
CE 18/19-60 The Minerals and Waste Development Plan26/04/2019For Determination11/2019
CE 18/19-54 Crewe Station Hub Area Action Plan - Publication Draft Plan11/04/2019For Determination04/02/2020