Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
CE 19/20-56 Local Growth Fund Cycleway Schemes29/05/2020For Determination07/07/2020
CE 19/20-55 Houses in Multiple Occupation Supplementary Planning Document13/05/2020For Determination07/2020
CE 19/20-54 Level Access Showers Framework13/05/2020For Determination07/07/2020
CE 19/20-53 - Future High Streets Fund Grant Support for Crewe Town Centre Regeneration23/04/2020For Determination10/11/2020
CE 19/20-52 Regional Adoption Agency Integrated Services Agreement02/04/2020For Determination08/09/2020
CE 19/20-50 Medium Term Financial Strategy 2021-2506/03/2020For Determination17/02/2021
CE 19/20-49 Council Tax Base 2021-2206/03/2020For Determination16/12/2020
CE 19/20-51 New Homes Bonus Community Fund - Review of Round 1 and Future Options06/03/2020For Determination08/09/2020
CE 19/20-46 Support for Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Programme and Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children and Asylum Seekers Dispersal Programme31/01/2020For Determination08/09/2020
CE 19/20-43 Appropriation of Land for Planning Purposes at the Garden Village, Handforth16/01/2020For Determination07/07/2020
CE 19/20-42 Congleton Leisure Centre Redevelopment Project10/01/2020For Determination07/2020
CE 19/20-36 Middlewich Eastern Bypass - CPO Powers to Acquire Revised Land for the Scheme06/12/2019For Determination07/07/2020
CE 19/20-31 Proposed Expansion of Wilmslow High School29/11/2019For Determination08/09/2020
CE 19/20-21 Site Allocations and Development Policies Document17/09/2019For Determination08/09/2020
CE 18/19-60 The Minerals and Waste Development Plan26/04/2019For Determination07/2020