Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Development Plan: Decision to Proceed to Referendum ref: 243509/02/202126/02/2021Call-in expired
Orbitas Bereavement Services Contract Extension ref: 244302/02/202118/02/2021Call-in expired
Third Quarter Review (FINANCE) 2020/21 ref: 243602/02/202118/02/2021Call-in expired
School and Early Years Funding Formula for 2021/22 ref: 243702/02/202118/02/2021Call-in expired
Policy on the Pre-purchase of Graves at Cheshire East Cemeteries ref: 244202/02/202118/02/2021Call-in expired
Occupational Health Contract Procurement ref: 244102/02/202118/02/2021Call-in expired
Day Opportunities Strategy and Redesign ref: 243802/02/202118/02/2021Call-in expired
Cheshire East Contaminated Land Strategy 2021 ref: 244002/02/202118/02/2021Call-in expired
Carbon Action Plan Capital Investment ref: 243902/02/202118/02/2021Call-in expired