Decisions published

04/01/2021 - Shavington Neighbourhood Development Plan: Decision to Proceed to Referendum ref: 2428    Recommendations Approved

The Shavington Neighbourhood Development Plan was submitted to the Council in February 2020 and, following a statutory publicity period, proceeded to independent examination.  The Examiner’s report has now been received and recommends that, subject to modifications, the Plan should proceed to referendum.

Decision Maker: Portfolio Holder for Planning

Decision published: 04/01/2021

Effective from: 12/01/2021


That the Portfolio Holder:

1          accepts the examiner’s recommendations to make modifications to the Shavington Neighbourhood Plan as set out in the Examiner’s report;


2          confirms that it is the Councils intent to hold a referendum on the Shavington Neighbourhood Development Plan (as amended), within the Shavington Neighbourhood Plan area, at the earliest opportunity available after the current restrictions on polling are lifted; and


3          confirms that the Council will use the Shavington Neighbourhood Plan in planning decisions, giving policies significant weight so far as they are material to planning applications within the Shavington Neighbourhood Area.




Wards affected: Shavington;

Lead officer: Tom Evans