Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Household Support Fund 4 & 5 (HSF4/HSF5) Grant Delivery20/01/2023For Determination20/03/2023
Development of a Shared Marketplace for Complex Needs Services in Cheshire East20/01/2023For Determination20/03/2023
Crewe Youth Zone24/11/2022For Determination13/02/2023
Recommendation for a sponsor to run primary school28/09/2022For Determination13/02/2023
High Needs Funding Post-Pilot Update21/10/2022For Determination20/03/2023
Development of Family Hubs Update Report28/09/2022For Determination20/03/2023
Update on Academisation26/05/2022For Determination20/03/2023
Progress on the All Age Carers Strategy26/05/2022For Determination20/03/2023
12 Month Report on Councillor Frontline Visits to Safeguarding Teams26/05/2022For Determination20/03/2023
Self-evaluation of Children's Services26/05/2022For Determination20/03/2023
Second financial review of 2022/2326/05/2022For Determination20/03/2023
Review of the learning disability and mental health strategy26/05/2022For Determination20/03/2023
Update on Academisation26/05/2022For Determination13/02/2023
Schools Funding Formula and Early Years Funding Formula26/05/2022For Determination13/02/2023
Ofsted action plan and progress update26/05/2022For Determination13/02/2023
School Catering Review Outcomes26/05/2022For Determination20/03/2023
Children's Residential Provision26/05/2022For Determination20/03/2023
Independent Care Review Outcomes26/05/2022For Determination
Annual Progress Report on the SEND Strategy26/05/2022For Determination