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Cabinet Member for Children and Families

This page lists the meetings for Cabinet Member for Children and Families.


Information about Cabinet Member for Children and Families

·         Lead under Children’s Act 2004

·         All aspects of Education and Schools

·         Youth Support and Offending

·         Lifelong learning/Skills

·         Prevention and Early Intervention Strategies

·         Corporate Parenting Lead

·         All aspects of Children’s social work, including:

o   Cared for children and care leavers

o   Fostering, Adoption and Residential Services

o   Children’s Trust and Children’s Board

o   Children’s Safeguarding (including Children’s Safeguarding Board)

o   Children and Young People up to 25 years old (SEND)

·         Health and Wellbeing Board (with Adult Care and Integration, and Health)

·         Lead for 0-19 Health and Health Promotion (in consultation with Health)

·         Lead for 0-19 Mental Health (in consultation with Health)

·         Domestic Violence