Decisions recommendations approved (subject to call-in)
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Statement of Community Involvement Update 2020 ref: 239915/10/202023/10/20200
Tenancy Strategy 2020 ref: 240706/10/202022/10/20200
Spotlight Review on Children's Mental Health Services ref: 240406/10/202022/10/20200
Site Allocations and Development Policies Document - Revised Publication Draft ref: 240206/10/202022/10/20200
Mid-Year Review (FINANCE) 2020/21 ref: 240106/10/202022/10/20200
Section 19 Flood Investigation Report - July 2019 Flood Event ref: 240306/10/202022/10/20200
Development of a Youth Facility in Crewe ref: 240506/10/202022/10/20200
Covid-19 - Update on Response and Recovery ref: 240006/10/202022/10/20200
Re-procurement of Case Management Systems: Adult's and Children's Social Care ref: 240606/10/202022/10/20200