Issue - meetings


Meeting: 21/02/2019 - Council (Item 65)


In accordance with paragraph 1.18 of the Council Procedure Rules, opportunity is provided for Members of the Council to ask the Mayor, the appropriate Cabinet Member or the Chairman of a Committee any question about a matter which the Council, the Cabinet or the Committee has powers, duties or responsibilities.


At Council meetings, there will be a maximum question time period of 30 minutes. Questions will be selected by the Mayor, using the criteria agreed by Council. Any questions which are accepted, but which cannot be dealt with during the allotted period will be answered in writing. Questions must be brief, clear and focussed.



Cllr L Jeuda referred to safer walking routes to schools and asked whether assurance had been given that lighting would be provided on the Middlewood Way. – Cllr J Clowes, Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Integration, undertook to provide a written response.


Cllr A Moran referred to people paying to park on the Civic Hall car park, Nantwich, at a time when it was free to park.  He asked how much revenue had been taken on a Sunday from the car parking machines, as this was not widely publicised. He said that this was stated on the machines, but the writing is too small. He stated that the same applied to the another car park in Nantwich, which was free after 3pm and he asked how much revenue was taken from that car park. - Cllr D Stockton, Environment Portfolio Holder, undertook to provide a written response.


Cllr D Flude referred to HS2 and asked how a scheme with as much impact on a ward as this had reached RIP 2 ,  without Ward Members being informed and how a bridge could be connected to the main part of Nantwich Road without Ward Members being informed. - Cllr D Stockton, Environment Portfolio Holder, undertook to provide a written response.


Cllr P Groves asked the Council to undertake a review of car parking arrangements in Nantwich, as part of its new Local Transport Plan, on a similar basis to that being launched in Wilmslow and asked that the review be undertaken as soon as possible.- The Leader of the Council responded in part and undertook to provide a written response.


Cllr S Hogben asked what action had been taken to date, by the Council, to submit an expression of interest in the Future High Streets Fund and whether there were plans to link such an expression of interest with the Crewe Station Hub Area Action Plan Development Strategy that was currently subject to consultation. – Cllr A Arnold, Housing, Planning and Regeneration Portfolio Holder, undertook to provide a written response.


Cllr R Fletcher revisited a question that he had asked at the December Council meeting, relating to Car parks in Alsager. – Cllr Stockton, Environment Portfolio Holder, responded. (Note - Cllr Fletcher had received a holding response and a commitment that a response would be provided by the end of February).


Cllr S Corcoran referred to Mr G Goodwin’s comments, made under public speaking, and the Leader’s statements, made at the last Council meeting, stating that they were incompatible and he asked the Leader whether she would like to clarify her statement. – The Leader of the Council and the Acting Monitoring Officer responded.


Cllr Harewood referred to a question that she had asked at the last Council meeting regarding the figures for Cared for Children and thanked the Portfolio Holder for the update. She sought further clarification on the figures and requested regular updates. – Cllr J Saunders, Children and Families Portfolio Holder, provided clarification and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 65