From: Richard Grieve []
Sent: 04 September 2013 23:16
Subject: Macclesfield Community Governance Review

Dear Sir/Madam ,

I have read the leaflet on the Community Governance Review, and considered the various options mentioned .

My preference is for Option 1 - No Change   

This is because :-

a) When Macclesfield Borough Council and Cheshire County Council were abolished and  Cheshire East Council established , it was claimed that the removal of a layer of government would increase efficiency and reduce cost .If, now, another layer of government is added back in - in the form of Parish/Town Councils - it would  negate some of  that alleged  benefit of the previous change , without the new  councils having many ( or any ? )  of the powers of the abolished Macclesfield Borough Council.

b) Parish Councils for Macclesfield and possibly Tytherington would simply add an extra layer of cost , in the form of allowances (doubtless  substantial )  for Parish/Town Councillors, salaries for Parish Clerks , fees for Consultants  ( e,g on Local Plans )  etc etc . Furthermore, some services which are currently provided within our present Council Tax rates could then be 'devolved' by Cheshire East to Parish Councils without that  part of the budget being devolved with them , thus allowing Cheshire East to wash its hands of the matter and put the blame on Parish Councils who would have to raise an extra rate to pay for what we get at the moment ! The cost of all these matters to be borne by the residents  via higher/ extra Parish  precepts to be added to the existing level of  their Cheshire East Council Tax .  

If Cheshire East needs to raise the Council Tax they should have the honesty to say so and not attempt backdoor 'stealth taxes ' in this way

c) Parish Councils would probably provide  simply an extra talking shop for local politicians with no visible extra benefit to residents.

d) Had Parish Councils existed prior to the decision on Macclesfield's new shopping centre , it would not, in my view, have made the remotest difference to the end result because the Parish/Town Council would have had no vote in the final decision. 

Please ensure that my views are taken into account as part of the present consultation exercise  .

Could you , please , confirm receipt of this ?

Thank you ,

R.F Grieve

17 Newmarket Close , Macclesfield  SK10 2WL