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Improve Flowerpot Traffic Lights

We the undersigned petition the council to update and improve Flowerpot traffic lights to include road markings for the relevant turning lanes and also filter arrows in all four directions with longer timings to allow vehicles to make it across safely.

25/10/2018 we witnessed a fatality accident involving a lorry and a motorcycle.

Being a resident of Macclesfield and traveling through those traffic lights at least 4 times a day I strongly urge East Cheshire Council to improve the flow of traffic and protect the safety of motorists by painting designated lanes and having a filter arrow for each direction, not just the one arrow. The filter arrow currently shuts off far too quickly to allow motorists to get through, thus causing vehicles to still cross after it has turned off. Coming in the opposite direction there is no filter, meaning you taking your life in your hands trying to cross the stream of traffic, with limited visibility. There are also no lines painted on the road, meaning people are unsure where to stop and this contributes to the congestion for others trying to go straight when the car in front is turning and also means people are more likely to take risks, again putting themselves and others in danger.

This tragic accident highlights these issues and should encourage the council to rectify these problems ASAP to prevent further accidents like this happening.

This ePetition runs from 26/10/2018 to 31/12/2018.

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