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Speed enforcement on Manchester Road, Wilmslow

We the undersigned petition the council to implement speed enforcement of the 30 mph limit on the stretch of Manchester Road between Styal Road and Mill Street.

The hill into Wilmslow is preceded by a long stretch of 40 mph road between Handforth and Styal Road and few cars observe the speed reduction. Many motorists speed up this hill in the direction of Handforth after leaving the King William pub roundabout.

There are no 30 mph signs visible on this stretch of road in the direction towards Handforth. Performance cars from the local dealerships are also regularly test driven at high speed in a loop down the bypass from Dean Row and back up the main road, well in excess of this 30mph limit.

There is a dangerous bend on this section of road and the speed vehicles are travelling makes it difficult to cross the road or exit driveways.

Given that this stretch of road is a main thoroughfare for Wilmslow High school children, and there are no crossing facilities, this situation is unacceptable and needs road markings and warnings. All the other approach roads in to Wilmslow, including Station Road, Styal Road, Water Lane, Knutsford Road already have these.

This ePetition ran from 06/05/2018 to 18/06/2018 and has now finished.

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