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Taylor Drive - Edmund Wright Way link, Nantwich

We the undersigned petition the council to desist from promoting, approving or implementing a traffic scheme for a link between Taylor Drive and Edmund Wright Way, and a one-way system proposed for the lower part of Welsh Row with two options. We ask for the former Taylor Drive pedestrian link to be reinstated without delay. We suggest that an holistic study is required to address the traffic and parking problems in Nantwich and plan for the future.

In the planning agreement for Malbank Waters development Cheshire East Council (CEC) accepted more than £200,000 as funding to construct the Taylor Drive - Edmund Wright Way link. There was no consultation with the residents who this most affects. CEC commenced construction work on the link in the summer of 2017 and then ceased work, following complaints from residents. When residents challenged CEC, they misled the status of planning permission on at least 2 occasions by stating that they had planning permission and stated also that the link would go ahead, regardless of the discontent and health and safety concerns of the residents.
CEC have since confirmed under Freedom of Information scrutiny that they do not have the necessary planning permissions in place to undertake this work and furthermore have no recent traffic studies. The link construction site has since been abandoned and is left in a poor and unsightly manner and has been subject to vandalism. This impacts the living environment of residents. Residents have raised their concerns over the health and safety and environmental impacts to CEC but to no avail.
Edmund Wright Way and Taylor Drive are residential areas. Creating a main through spine road would change the nature of the living environment and we do not wish to see this. The roads are not wide enough for through two way through traffic. They were designed and built as minor estate roads, narrow and bendy to limit speed as appropriate for family living.
Some residents are aware that a link was planned as part of the construction of the two estates, however this was on the condition that Edmund Wright Way be blocked off at Marsh Lane effectively making it cul-de-sac and not a through road.
There is a primary school in Edmund Wright Way. CEC should not be building a through road that attracts significant traffic and pollution to the area. Our children are at risk. The roads cannot and should not be used as a through way to service the Queens Drive, Millfields and Malbank Waters estates, as well as Nantwich through traffic.
The traffic redirected from Welsh Row and Queens Drive by the proposed one-way schemes, estimated at 593 vehicles in the peak hours, will cut the estates in half causing significant separation of communities. The estate roads cannot and should not be used as a through way to service the Queens Road estates and through Nantwich traffic.
In November 2017 CEC have commenced a consultation on the views of residents of the local estates. Residents have complained that the letter was confusing as it came without any content describing the problems, traffic surveys and forecasts of traffic for the proposals, or discussion of possible solutions. The language used was not impartial and was of no use to residents in making an informed decision. The letter was also not issued to all residents likely to be impacted by the changes. We are of the opinion that the consultation has no merit in gauging informed opinion and should have no part in decision making.
It is apparent that there is no up to date traffic or parking plan for Nantwich. CEC have no current studies, provide no challenge-able evidence of problems, offer no demonstration of any improvements to traffic flows, or mitigation of other consequences. We object to these piecemeal developments that will inflict damage and risk to our homes. families and environment. We all need a sensible plan.

This ePetition ran from 21/11/2017 to 02/02/2018 and has now finished.

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