Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
CE 18/19-31 Macclesfield Town Centre Strategic Regeneration Framework25/10/2018For Determination05/02/2019
CE 18/19-30 Macclesfield Town Centre Regeneration - Castle Street Public Realm Enhancement Scheme25/10/2018For Determination04/12/2018
CE 18/19-29 Macclesfield Leisure Centre Redevelopment - Approval to Enter into a Contract25/10/2018For Determination04/12/2018
CE 18/19-28 Cheshire East Integration Strategy18/10/2018For Determination15/01/2019
CE 18/19-27 Advocacy and Independent Visitor Service - Adults, Children and Young People18/10/2018For Determination04/12/2018
CE 18/19-26 Statement of Community Involvement - Final Approval28/09/2018For Determination21/12/2018
CE 18/19-25 Supplementary Planning Document - The Garden Village at Handforth - Final Approval28/09/2018For Determination21/12/2018
CE 18/19-24 Acquisition of Land in Congleton for Future Employment Use26/09/2018For Determination06/11/2018
CE 18/19-22 Extra Care Housing: Care Provision20/09/2018For Determination06/11/2018
CE 18/19-20 My Life, My Choice: A Strategy for People with Learning Disabilities07/09/2018For Determination04/12/2018
CE 18/19-17 Approval to Commission Universal Information and Advice Service22/08/2018For Determination06/11/2018
CE 18/19-15 Mental Health Strategy10/08/2018For Determination15/01/2019
CE 18/19-11 Adoption of Community Infrastructure Levy13/07/2018For Determination21/02/2019
CE 18/19-10 Everybody Sport and Recreation Performance Report 2017/18 and Leisure Operating Agreement - Proposed Extension26/06/2018For Determination06/11/2018
CE 18/19-1 Havannah Primary School - Change in Age Range24/05/2018For Determination04/12/2018
CE 17/18-51 Medium Term Financial Strategy 2019-202223/03/2018For Determination21/02/2019