Decisions recommendations approved (subject to call-in)

21/03/2017 - Macclesfield Local Development Orders ref: 1929    Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

Local Development Orders (LDOs) are made by Local Planning Authorities (LPA) and give a grant of planning permission to specific types of development within a defined area. They streamline the planning process by removing the need for developers to make a planning application to a LPA and create certainty and save time and money for those involved in the planning process; the primary function being to accelerate the delivery of much needed development.    


Following a Cabinet resolution in September 2014 it was decided that a pilot approach for LDOs within Macclesfield should be developed and this formed the basis of a successful bid for funding to The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to enable the development of two residential led LDOs in Macclesfield.


Following discussions with landowners and interested parties a public consultation on the boundaries of the two LDO areas was carried out, the feedback analysed and it now informs the current position with the LDOs.   Further consultation is now required in order to formalise the boundaries, and to allow for comments on the supporting evidence and to test the robustness of the LDOs.  Subject to a positive public consultation exercise and any subsequent revisions the final decision to adopt the LDOs will be made by Strategic Planning Board (SPB).


Decision maker: Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning

Made at meeting: 21/03/2017 - Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning

Decision published: 21/03/2017

Effective from: 29/03/2017


1.    That approval be given to the commencement of the formal period of consultation on the Local Development Orders (LDOs) for Northside and Whalley Hayes, Macclesfield.


2.    That the Director of Planning and Sustainable Development be authorised to approve any amendments required to the LDOs as result of the responses received through the public consultation, prior to the final LDO being presented to Strategic Planning Board for adoption.

Wards affected: Macclesfield Central; Macclesfield Tytherington;