Decisions recommendations approved (subject to call-in)
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Indemnities for Members and Officers ref: 176509/02/201620/02/20160
Treasury Management Strategy and MRP Statement 2016/17 ref: 175809/02/201620/02/20160
The Council's Corporate Plan 2016/20 and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2016/19 ref: 175709/02/201620/02/20160
Crewe Town Centre Bus Interchange Facility ref: 175309/02/201620/02/20160
2015/16 Third Quarter Review of Performance ref: 175609/02/201620/02/20160
Social Care Case Management System Procurement ref: 175509/02/201620/02/20160
Peter Mason Leisure Centre ref: 176209/02/201620/02/20160
Middlewich Eastern By-Pass Feasibility Stage ref: 176009/02/201620/02/20160
Environmental Services Operating Contract ref: 176309/02/201620/02/20160
Draft Risk Management Policy Statement / Strategy and Outline Framework ref: 175909/02/201620/02/20160
Progressing the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) ref: 176109/02/201620/02/20160
Clean for The Queen 2016 ref: 175209/02/201620/02/20160
Adult Social Care Fee Rates ref: 175409/02/201620/02/20160
Determination of Local Authority Coordinated Scheme and Admission Arrangements ref: 176409/02/201620/02/20160